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What is commercial control?

From a massive hotel complex in Las Vegas to a sports bar in the center of San Jose, every business needs a “control freak.” After all, there are raw materials, your budget, and a planet to save. Control4 can answer every question you have around commercial control, whether you’re looking for a robust system to support an expansive building or just a room within it.

On top of automating lights, shades, music, video, HVAC, security and energy, Control4 also gives you the ability to control it all from a secure, back-end system. Better still, it’s not just affordable—it’s intelligent. Because our commercial solutions can easily integrate with your existing business networks and enable communication between devices from virtually any manufacturer (we believe in open systems), we ensure that you experience bottom-line benefits sooner rather than later. Even the smallest Control4 projects deliver a big impact. It’s no wonder we’re the automation platform of choice for hotels, property managers and owners, restaurants and bars, universities and utilities.

Even the most sophisticated commercial automation solutions are easy and affordable with Control4. And because our solutions are 100% modular, you’ll be investing in a system you’ll never outgrow. Practical Control4 products make it easy to build on when you’re ready. Start with an intelligent lighting control solution and add more features when you’re ready—smoothly and economically.

Control this…
  • Lighting scenes
  • Shades
  • Music
  • Audio/Video
  • HVAC
  • Security
  • Energy
…with benefits
  • An enhanced customer experience
  • Material operating efficiencies
  • Reduced energy use
  • A substantial ROI
  • Better productivity
Did you know…?

You can reduce energy and save big $$ each month on utility bills by controlling air conditioning, heating and lighting.

Control4’s use of ZigBee® Pro technology reduces the need for new wiring, so you can finish the job much more quickly, while saving on wire, conduit and labor costs.

Green Fact
Energy represents as much as 30% of a building’s operating expense. Control4 can help qualify your building for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Certification. And don’t forget, a LEED Certification = tax credits for your business!
Control4 Commercial Solutions:
• Green solutions for new or retrofit/historical properties
• Simple to install with wired and wireless solutions
• Affordable both in hardware and deployment
• Easy for all, from the installer to the end-user
• Flexible & designed to scale to your needs
• Standards-based: Ethernet/IEEE 802.3, WiFi/IEEE 802.11.b or IEEE 802.11.g, ZigBee® Pro/IEEE 802.15.4